Oil Field Applications

Applications for the oil and gas industry require an outstanding performance, even under the harshest conditions. As a specialist for drive solutions we offer special fully automatic transmissions for mobile drilling rigs and stationary oil field applications. Diesel gensets provide the stationary power for electric drilling.

Allison Transmission for oil field applications

In oil and gas fields all over the world, Allison fully automatic transmissions are working to make drilling, fracturing, hoisting and pumping easier and more productive. Rugged Allison automatic transmissions are built to withstand the harshest conditions. From the Continuous Power TechnologyTM (uninterrupted power transmission) to the ability to easily integrate with specialised equipment - Allison automatic transmissions improve productivity while providing operational precision. 

Allison Oilfield series

Powertrains and power supply for the oil field

A broad range of drives are required in the oil field. These include: main drives for drilling rigs, rotary tables or lifts, frac drives, nitrogen evaporators and nitrogen generators, slush and concrete pumps as well as agitators or concrete mixers. High-performance generators ensure distributed generation. Decades of harsh offshore use have proven MTU systems and equipment to be reliable power generators and pump drives.