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Majority of the public transportation provider’s vehicles now use Allison Automatics

© Allison Transmission. The 20 new buses feature the Allison Torqmatic® T 280™ with a retarder to increase brake life.

With the addition of 20 Otokar Doruk LE buses, Batman Municipality in Turkey has increased the number of Allison transmission-equipped vehicles in its fleet to 70 percent. Of its 60 buses, 42 have Allison Automatics.

"We now choose Allison fully automatic transmissions because of their advantages, such as ease of use, reduced driver fatigue and passenger comfort,” said Adnan Yürük, enterprise affiliates manager for Batman Municipality. “With future bus purchases, we will be working to have all of our buses equipped with Allison transmissions.”

Batman provides service for 18,000 to 22,000 passengers daily at more than 300 stops between the city center and area districts. The buses travel eight to 14 rounds per day on routes up to 30 km in length. “Our buses average 95,000 km per year,” said Yürük. “We now have advantages in maintenance costs as we do not have any transmission problems with our Allison-equipped vehicles.”

 Allison transmissions use a torque converter for Continuous Power Technology™ to smoothly multiply engine torque, delivering more power to the wheels. Unlike manual and automated manual transmissions (AMTs) that have a clutch that wears out and requires replacement, Allison transmissions experience very little wear and require only periodic fluid and filter changes to maintain peak performance.

 “With manual transmissions, the clutch set has to be changed every two months,” said Yürük. “We don’t have that expense with the Allison transmissions."

When factoring in all life cycle costs, a fully automatic transmission-equipped vehicle costs less to operate than a competitively-equipped vehicle. For increased productivity and reduced maintenance, Allison Automatics improve the way fleets work.