Scrap metal transport fleet uses Allison transmissions for durability and life cycle value

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Continuous Power Technology™ also helps Lantz Metall drivers accelerate faster and maneuver easier in congested Stockholm streets

© Lantz Metall / Lantz Metall trucks fitted with Allison fully automatic transmissions deliver metal recycling containers to customers and retrieve them when filled.

Lantz Metall rents out containers, delivers them to customers and retrieves them when full. Five of their eight Scania vehicles in Stockholm are equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions that deliver durability and life cycle value for its skiploaders, hooklifts and crane trucks.

“Our oldest Allison-fitted truck has gone 700,000 kilometers without any transmission problems,” said Sven Lantz, chairman of Lantz Metall. “The reliability and low maintenance costs were important factors when we chose fully automatic transmissions in this truck and the newer ones.” 

Drivers of Allison-equipped trucks have a different perspective. Lantz said that, at first, some drivers didn’t want to let go of the manual gear stick. Now, no one wants to drive anything else but Allison Automatics because they don’t cause leg and arm fatigue and are more responsive.