Power Take-Offs (PTOs)

Your vehicle often requires additional auxiliary drives to carry out specific tasks. K & W Drive Systems can provide you with a wide range of Power Take-Offs especially developed for Allison automatic transmissions, available immediately or at short notice.

We would be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate PTO for your requirements.

Currently in stock: 

Chelsea PTO221ZCAKP-M3AK1
Chelsea PTO221ZEAKP-Y3AK1
Chelsea PTO250GDHVP-B5XB1
Chelsea PTO277XDFJP-D5XX1
Chelsea PTO277SBFJP-D5XY1
Chelsea PTO280GGFJW-D5RY1
Chelsea PTO859XTFJP-N5AC1
Chelsea PTO880XGAKP-Y4XS1
Chelsea PTO280GGFJP-D5XV1
Chelsea PTO870XGFJP-D5AC1
Chelsea PTO870XDQTP-D5RY1
Chelsea PTO870XGFJP-D5AC1

We reserve the right of prior sale of the PTOs listed.