When a technical defect strikes, quick, competent and straightforward help is indispensable if you want to avoid production stoppages or operational delays. Our specially trained service technicians are available round the clock to help in an emergency and guarantee professional repairs with the original replacement parts you require. 

We carry out repairs on-site for customers operating stationary plants such as cogeneration plants. This significantly reduces downtime and means that ongoing operation can be rapidly resumed.

Many of our customers rely on the fact that they will not have to suffer expensive downtime. As a result, we also carry out repairs even under difficult conditions. Our technicians do not just work during the day: if necessary, they work at night too. Our service technicians are able to repair one of several marine engines whilst the vessel is afloat, thus ensuring continuous operation. Some customers also store spare engines on our premises so that they have a spare part immediately at hand in case of repairs.

Repairs at our workshop

If the customer does not request an on-site repair or if this cannot be done, we will transport the engine or components to our workshop. This is where we repair commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, marine engines, mud pumps and lots more.

Diagnostics software, the required special tools, original spare parts and, above all, our highly trained service technicians are at your disposal here.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry!